Monthly membership to the Flea Club offers a highly exclusive experience - something you truly won't want to miss! The ultimate V.I.FLEA experience that you get to curate. Over the Flea season you will have the opportunity each month to choose the journey you would like your membership to take.

As a member of the Flea Club, you will receive an exclusive membership card - granting you access to every Flea as well as other exciting perks! Perks include access to experiences (outside of the Flea) and items that you can only get as a member of the Flea Club!

V.I.Flea at the Flea means access to the Flea for yourself for the entire season (kids free!), ‘Flea Club only’ entry line and other Flea surprises!

Experiences outside of the Flea are a surprise that will be released monthly to you once you become a member.

RUN, don’t walk - become a Flea Club member, NOW! Purchase details below.





Entry for the entire outdoor season!

An exclusive membership card

An exclusive entry line

Exclusive onsite tours from Team Flea

Exclusive access to outside of the Flea experiences & perks (released monthly)

Cost: $25/mo