Hello, Featured Shoppers!

Thank you for joining us on this adventure to #ShopTheFlea and truly help vendors AND shoppers this holiday season. Here’s what you need to know!



Well, it’s fun. But also, we work with small businesses who don’t have a lot of time to share with us their amazing creations until the day of the flea. Le't’s be real, most people are working up until the last minute to even get their work made, so this is one BIG way we can help– selling.

Remember, we’re an incubator market, and being such, we’re committed to providing a rigorous place for their growth but also a soft place to land when they need support. Selling comes naturally to some, and not to others. This helps us all tremendously.

And for us? We really aim to help shoppers shop local. And find the things that will not only support a small business economy but also continue to make Cleveland Flea a place that shoppers can come to shop local AND win the holidays. It feels good to bring something to a family gathering that was made with love, and we want to continue to be the place that makes that happen.



Let us know when to expect you.

First, let us know when you’re headed here. You each get to bring up to 3 people with you (they must attend WITH you) but you’ll need to make sure they are registered with us HERE. (thanks for that, it helps us not oversell the event and keeps everyone safe!)


Check in at Flea Shop + Ask for your Featured Shopper sheet!

You’ll be given an official Cleveland Flea Featured Shopper Form! What you’ll do:

  • Get a headshot with Juli (or send us one of your own to Stephanie@theclevelandflea.com BEFORE you come, just because we will need it)

  • Fill out which type of Flea Shopper you are (we’ll prompt you)

  • Find gifts you’d ideally buy for the folks on the list we provide

  • Snap a quick pick of each item to share with us

  • Turn in the form + photos and be on your way! (it should take you less than 1 hour, depending on how fast you like to shop)

We are planning to share this guide with only those shoppers who have paid for tickets, as a perk for them (they’ve signed up for a specific newsletter)! So, please refrain from sharing your shopper list on your own social media so that we can better protect the investment of those who paid to #shoplocal with us.

We appreciate you so much, thank you thank you thank you!