What are the dates of the Flea for this season?

  • APRIL 21
  • MAY 12
  • JUNE 9
  • JULY 14
  • AUGUST 11
  • OCTOBER 13

What time is the Flea?

9AM - 4PM

Where is the Flea located?

Tyler Village
3615 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the Flea?

The Law of the Flea says that we are blessed with gorgeous weather on event days at or above 93 percent of the time.

However, that 7 percent can be a real nightmare and a source of stress for a lot of us. So we decided to hash out a legitimate rain plan in hopes that it alone will help keep any storms at bay. You know, that whole “it never rains when you bring an umbrella” approach.

So, we’re still calling The Flea “rain or shine” events, because the heart of our rain plan is to make it happen come hell or high water, whenever we can. In that spirit, we’ve developed a two tier plan to deal with extreme weather in the forecast. We define extreme weather as the strong chance of lasting thunderstorms, a flood warning or watch, and/or the pairing of either of these with a heavy wind factor.

Read more about our 'Rain or Shine' policy here >>>

What is the ticketing fee for shoppers?

Entry for one adult is $2.
Flea Club membership is available for purchase, allowing FREE access to the Flea all season long. For more information on Flea Club, head this way >>>

I want to be a vendor, is it too late to apply?

Nope! We accept vendor appliations all season long. Continue to read the below FAQs for further information about the application process.
Apply here >>>

What types of Vendors can I expect to see at the Flea?

  • Handmade / Maker
  • Vintage
  • Food (stand / truck / trailer)
  • Farm stand/produce
  • Experiential + Interactive
  • Non-Profit
  • Other

Booth Sizes and Pricing

5' x 10' | $250 | Shared Booth
10' x 10' | $300 | Single Booth | Handmade / Food / Small-scale Vintage
10 x 20' | $450 | Double Booth | Handmade / Food
10 x 20' (large-scale vintage) | $300 | Large-scale Vintage
Food Truck / Trailer (up to 15' x 35') | $325

Full Season Pass | $2,000 (10' x 10' booth / large-scale vintage)
Full Season Pass (Food Truck / Trailer) | $2,175
Partial Season Pass (3 markets) | $850

Application Submission and Notification Dates

Accepted APRIL & FULL SEASON PASS vendors will receive their acceptance letters by February 15th. At that time, no new vendors will be accepted as FULL SEASON PASS vendors. Having said that, we have a rolling application process that allows us to continue to add new and interesting vendors throughout the season to fill all of our remaining spots. The application stays live on the website throughout the season and we check it once a month for updates. Any newly accepted vendors will purchase their booths on the days listed below - the same as everyone else. Please note that those who are not accepted into the 2018 season will also receive notice by February 15th.

If you're an accepted Full Season Pass vendor, when you purchase your booth, you will fill out a small form that will allow you to indicate your top booth choices. As always, there are no guarantees, but we will do what we can to honor your requests. A Full Season Pass for the 2018 season for everyone except food trucks (without upgrades) is $2,000 and includes all 7 markets. You will remain in the same spot all season. Purchasing all markets at once saves you $100, guarantees your same spot, and allows you to be done with booth sales for the season.

Accepted Partial Season Pass vendors (3 markets) and Month To Month vendors will have one day to buy the market(s) of their choice prior to the start of the season. Booth spots are first come, first serve. Partial Season Pass and Month To Month vendors will be assigned a spot. You do have the option to upgrade by indicated that you would like a high traffic zone or corner booth by purchasing one of the limited "booth upgrades". You are welcome to purchase as many markets at you like on each booth sale date. You are accepted to all of them if you received and acceptance e-mail and it's your choice which ones you choose to participate in. You can pick one or two if you are a month-to-month vendor or just get one for now. If you are a Partial Season Pass vendor then you need to pick at least 3 but you can purchase more if you like.

You will get an opportunity to purchase a booth 6 weeks prior to each event. Booth sales will only be live for one day, and will be first come first serve. This is why we encourage everyone to snag what they want on March 1st for the entire season to ensure you can participate in every market you want to be a part of. See Booth Sales Dates for more info.

Can I bring my dog to the Flea?

YES! The Flea is THE place for all the pups. Check out @dogsoftheflea!


Vendor FAQs can be found here!


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