$25 to add power to your booth 

Zap some energy into your biz!

This is primarily for vendors who need power to support their business such as food vendors. If you require power and you're not a food vendor than you will have to be placed in your booth by us because there are only certain locations that offer that. I know we all love to keep our iPhones charged, but power booths are very limited. Let us know why you need it and we'll see what we can do.



$50 to upgrade your booth to a high traffic area

Supercharge your selling!

If you're already great at sales, this takes you to the next level. ALL of our booth spots are carefully planned out for your and your shoppers to have an optimal experience. Having said that, there are certain location at the flea that are closer to the front door (for instance) or right by the bar. What happens in high traffic zones is that it pushes a lot of people into your booth and it causes a bit of a panic in people because they see so many people around them and they're worried the thing they want in your booth may sell before they can snag it! It brings the possibility of greater ease in sales if you do it right. 



$50 to snag a corner spot which highlights  your products and display from two sides instead of just one!

Design your way to more dollars!

Corner spots are all about increasing your platform for creativity! It's a larger canvas for you to work with because you have two sides of your booth exposed.