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We’re here to encourage Cleveland to love itself more. We’re here to show Dreamers that they can become Doers, and that they have a supportive, loving community surrounding them. We’re here to change the landscape of our city into one that is more creative, more vibrant, more encouraging, more inclusive. We’re here to show that if you put the work in, you will be rewarded. We’re here to inspire our city and it’s creatives to become their very best selves. If this is a movement you are enthusiastic about being a part of, take a moment to fill out the form respective to your desired position, and follow the instructions within to send us your resume and cover letter.

We're so glad you're here!

Thank you for your interest in joining #TeamFLEA! We're currently hiring for the below positions. Please review the positions below and submit your application via the link on the respective position.



Assist in designing and building customized experiences for shoppers, vendors, and clients, and Team Flea.



+ prioritize the safety of self, people, and objects
+ accurately measure and mark materials to be cut or drilled
+ drill or cut objects for assembly
+ fasten objects together with screws, nails, glues, etc.
+ carefully and neatly paint objects using spray paint and/or brush
+ assist in establishing reference points using a plumb bob, level, square, speed square, etc.
+ align, straighten, plumb, or square forms for installation
+ maintain a clean working space
+ remove garbage and recycling to proper locations
+ use safety gear such as protective glasses and masks
+ climb ladders and scaffolding safely while using them to install or fix objects
+ assist in creatively designing systems or methods for solving installation or construction problems that present themselves in the line of work
+ smooth or sand or clean surfaces, tools, marks, or caulk
+ maintain current workshop and objects inside
+ run errands to gather materials
+ unload materials responsibly
+ set-up workstations for project use
+ organizing tools, materials, and spaces
+ helping move infrastructure and event materials to varying location


+ responsible and safety oriented
+ detail oriented
+ exceptional math skills
+ enjoys working with hands
+ enthusiastic and hard work ethic

Seasonal position (October - December). 40 hours/week (flexible schedule).