[GOAL] Perfecting a unique experience for Flea Shoppers and Flea Club Members, making their event dreams come true by serving branded treats, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), + good vibes.

+ Reflecting branded services
+ Caring for branded products
Maintaining a meticulous bar and dining area
Being knowledgeable regarding products served at the Flea Bar/Cafe, as well as how to properly display and serve them
Processing accurate payment of purchases   

Personal Skills and qualities:
Thrives under pressure
Enjoys customer interactions and service
+ Enthusiastic
Detailed orientated

* You must be 21 or over to and available on Saturdays apply for this position, as you will be pouring/serving alcoholic beverages at the Cleveland Flea. *
Name *
Cell phone (or best number to reach you) *
Cell phone (or best number to reach you)
Have you ever previously applied with Team Flea? *
How many years? Name of the location? What were you main responsibilities? Please describe the environment of the bar/restaurant/etc. environment. + Anything else you'd like to share!
Describe your dreamiest experience -- from the staff to the menu.
Please submit your Resume + Cover Letter to upon submission of this application.