Interested in being a part of the 2018 season?

Applications for the 2018 outdoor markets will not go live until February, but if you're interested in participating, we want to send you more information! Click below.

Want to be a vendor at The Cleveland Flea?

Below is some information on who we are, what the Flea as a community is all about, and how each of the events we put on has its own unique take on Cleveland's thriving small business culture. Stay tuned to our website, blog, and social media channels for updates on open season and our other one-time events.

What is The Cleveland Flea?

The Cleveland Flea is so many things. It functions as a business incubator for Northeast Ohio's maker community, as well as being a driver of economic and real estate development for neighborhoods. It's a vibrant city event, celebrating this place we call home. We strongly believe that if you put the right people together in one place, magic will happen. And it has.  

Our Events.

The Cleveland Flea. Our flagship event. It's a modern flea market, featuring a rotating cast of vintage, salvage, handmade, and artisan food.

Sunday Market. Think Sunday brunch with a side of flea market. Easy, breezy, fun, and delicious.





We’re a platform for growth, a place to connect to customers and collaborators. During the Flea, you’re not paying rent, you’re paying to be a part of the energy of the day, taking part in the active revitalization of the city we love, and drawing on the support the city has for you. On off-Flea days, you’re paying to be a part of something much larger, a community that wants to connect with and support you.  


A team of talented creatives to not only provide a physical marketplace, but the chance to thoughtfully engage with an audience of customers

A place within our highly-engaged online community

A spot on our team, as we build, roll out new ideas and projects, collaborate both locally and nationally  


We promise to keep you as a top priority, as we grow and innovate, meet challenges head-on, enjoy success, make tough decisions and steer this business into a bright future. We promise to remain an approachable team--one that is supportive of your growth, compassionate to your trials, respectful of your hard work, and dedicated to problem-solving whenever it is in our capacity to make things better. We promise to fight for you, to root for you, to shine a light on what makes you special, to communicate with clarity and sincerity, and to always respect the trust you place in us.


Costs to be a member of the 2018 season of The Cleveland Flea begin at $225 per market and fluctuate depending on a few factors, including but not limited to: booth size, number of events attending, and specific add-ons desired (product & brand photography, booth design, business services, social media priority, national exposure, permitting assistance, etc. ). Pricing and membership options will be presented upon acceptance to the market. Vendors are expected to supply their own tent, tables, and chairs. Flea staff will provide thorough instructions for setup including an assigned booth space, setup time, and protocol.


The value of this experience extends so far beyond your 10’ x 10’ space and one day of market sales per month. By participating in our events, you are joining a vibrant community of your peers and investing in the economic growth of Cleveland. Our event is managed by a small group of talented and dedicated team members that work around the clock to organize and promote the event, manage your needs, answer your questions, provide on site amenities and ensure that every month is a unique experience that keeps shoppers engaged and continues to draw crowds.


Our 2018 applications will be live in February and you'll find those links below. Before you apply, lets review what makes for the strongest Flea applications. The Cleveland Flea, Sunday Market, Night Markets and our Holiday Markets are all juried events. Here's some of what we look for.  

  • Accurate information. Every year, we're amazed by the sheer number of applications we receive. Our small staff does their very best to review each application thoroughly, but we simply do not have time to chase down information. Incomplete applications, dead links, and/or typos in your email address or website can pretty quickly send your application into Flea limbo. Take your time and double check your application before submitting. Nothing breaks our heart like an awesome idea that only leads to a dead end. 
  • A strong brand. We love hobbies and hobbyists. And yes, we think one really great person can craft delicious homemade mustard AND loom beautiful wall hangings. We believe in your dreams and your vision, but a strong brand built on a cohesive product line makes you more approachable and memorable to shoppers--and our application review committee. 
  • A unique perspective. Some vendor categories are extremely competitive--specifically jewelry, art, sweets, ceramics, food, and women's accessories. We are committed to producing interesting events and thus, have a specific aesthetic that we're looking to build. A lot of quality products, made by wonderful people, and promoted on very legitimate websites simply won't fit our aesthetic. But our aesthetic is always growing and changing, so please don't hesitate to apply! 
  • Quality photos. Honestly, there is no one thing that will have a greater impact on your application than the photos we see. If your business does not have a Facebook page, Etsy store, or website featuring strong photos, the application will direct you in how to submit photos for review. So ask a friend, hire a photographer (or a photography student), or take an e-course. But spend a couple days getting the right photos. It will serve you well. 
  • The right attitude. We utilize our markets as a business incubator and see our vendors as part of a community. Nice people are our people. Dedicated, enthusiastic, collaborative people are our people. And patience is a must. 

About the Applications.

We accept roughly 175-200 businesses for The Cleveland Flea, and it's a rain or shine event.

We accept roughly 50 businesses for our Sunday Market, and it's also rain or shine.

Our application will be open in February and we hope to send out the first round of application responses by February 15th. Please refrain from emailing us about the status of an application. You should receive an automated confirmation email after successfully submitting your application and a status update within two weeks. 

Holiday events will take place in November and December. There will be a separate application available in September for those events.

If you do not supply adequate information to jury your products, we will be unable to process your application. You must supply direct links to a Facebook business page and/or website with information about your company and current photos of what you would sell at the market
submit photos via email to in order to be considered for The Cleveland Flea.
NOTE: When emailing photos, please include in the body of your email the business and personal names you supplied on your application.

Booth sharing is permitted on a case-by-case basis. However, each business sharing a space is subject to the full booth fee, and must apply separately for review by Flea staff. Vendors are not allowed to bring in outside vendors who have not been approved by The Cleveland Flea. Should you want to share a booth with another vendor, your request must be received in writing 30 days prior to the event in question. 


At the start of each regular Cleveland Flea season, all vendors must submit an application for approval. Approved vendors are then classified as one of the following:

Full Season Pass Holders

  • Vendors who have previously vended at The Cleveland Flea, by invitation only
  • Ability to choose their spot (based on a first-come, first-serve process)
  • A guaranteed spot at each of our regular season Cleveland Flea events (April-October)
  • Note: Season Passes do not apply to Sunday Markets or Cleveland Flea Holiday Events. Season Pass holders must still apply for these events directly!
  • Note:  Season Pass Holders are not allowed to share or “sublet” their space to any other businesses

Partial Season Pass Holders

  • Vendors who produce seasonal products like scarves, and would prefer to pick a season
  • Pick 1, 2 or 3 months and pay up front. 
  • Once you choose a month, you cannot swap
  • Cleveland Flea will choose your booth spot
  • Note: Partial Season Passes do not apply to Sunday Markets or Cleveland Flea Holiday Events. Season Pass holders must still apply for these events directly!
  • Note:  Partial Season Pass Holders are not allowed to share or “sublet” their space to any other businesses

Monthly Access (previously called Eligible Vendors)

  • Not invited to be a season pass holder, however you are eligible to purchase your spot each month throughout the 2016 Cleveland Flea season

  • Will purchase a space each month during online booth sales

  • Booth sales are held approximately 6 weeks before each event. Monthly Access Vendors will be contacted via email with further instructions on how to purchase a space. Spaces will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Note:  Eligible vendors are not allowed to share or “sublet” their space to any other businesses

First-time Vendors

  • Hand-selected through our application process throughout the entire Flea season

  • Invoiced directly, guided through the process of preparing for a market

  • We try to have 5-10 new vendors at each event. After a successful market, first-timers may be given Monthly Access status, however that will be determined based on the outcome of the first market experience

  • Note:  First-time vendors are not allowed to share or “sublet” their space to any other businesses

In an ideal world, all of our vendors would be Season Pass Holders. However, we keep spaces available each month to give new businesses an opportunity to join our Flea family, as well as to ensure that each of our events offers shoppers a thoroughly unique experience.

All potential vendors, even season pass holders from previous seasons, MUST complete the 2017 application. 

Our goal is to review applications at least once a month. We'll release a separate application for our holiday events on or before July 21st. 


2018 Local Union Application

2017 Non-Profit Partner Application

2017 Musician Application

2017 Volunteer Worker Application



First, thanks for your interest in joining this thriving community. Secondly, jump on over to our Facebook, and LIKE us! That's the main way we spread the word about YOU, and we'd love to know you're sharing all the news with your fans and family!