Market Membership | Season 6


Welcome small business owners and creatives! We're so glad you're here. At Cleveland Flea, we're not just a market, we're a community of dreamer-doers. And we don't just sell space, we sell the opportunity for growth, for camaraderie, for evolving. We provide a platform for you to start, launch and grow your creative business in the way that works best for you. Whether you run a side hustle and have limited time or you've taken the leap and are looking to expand, Cleveland Flea markets offer monthly milestones for you to get to know your creative business better. In addition to bringing together the best makers, small-batch producers, vintage vendors and treasure hunters, we also have the best shoppers! We've been careful to market in a way that draws your dreamiest clients toward you– people who are raving fans of Cleveland's handmade, high-quality, unique, creatively-presented items and experiences.


Cool things we're doing for you this season.


Business School for Creative Bosses

Monthly access to Flea School is FREE for all Season Pass + Partial Season Pass Vendors and is $49/month for anyone who wants to join.  You'll have access to our constantly curated audio lessons, in-person meet-ups and creative events. Want one-on-one help with your creative business? Maybe you're looking to make a tough decision about moving into a storefront or hiring employees. Or maybe you're about to launch a website and don't quite know where to start. Or maybe you'd like to discuss ways to grow your bottom line at events and outside the flea. Well, you'll have the option to add on group and individual coaching for when you need it.


Step up your on-site customer experience.

A better booth setup = more sales during an event and after. Investing in your pop-up storefront on the day of events goes a long way to engaging shoppers beyond just the items you sell and into how you see the world, and why they might be a dream client for you. Booth camp is about site setup (like building + bringing proper weights), selling (how you actively engage shoppers), using the most of your 7 hours on site (newsletter signup, customer questionnaires, practicing selling, making vendor friends, etc.) and booth design and merchandising (your menu design, product display, booth materials, etc.). The cost is $50 and the results will go a long way in helping you make the most of this season.


Customize your market experience.

The Season 6 Market Plan allows for a range of experiences. We truly believe that if you're on point with product, display, customer engagement and product curation, you'll be able to sell as much as you want at our events. We have the best shoppers around. And they're ready to buy. But if you want to be strategic, you can be. Want to save money? Choose a 5x10 and share a booth with a friend. Are you a handmade vendor and want an easier time selling? Choose a high-traffic zone where customers just flow right into your booth. Food vendor who wants power? That's totally do-able. Think you can merchandise better if your'e on a corner? Well, all that is great. Just let us upgrade ya to the booth of your choice. Subject to market availability.


Vendors come in all shapes and sizes, and so do we! Here's a general look at our booth sizing. Whether your product is tiny (like jewelry) or giant (like furniture), we've got a perfect size for you. And the good news is that you'll be able to customize a location, size and configuration for your pop-up storefront (that's your booth).


MARKET SPOT PRICING | 2018 Cleveland Flea


$2,000 | Full Season Pass (Handmade / Food Stand / Vintage)


$200 | Roaming Cart (cart design must be approved prior to acceptance)


$250 | Half Size Booth | 5x10 (we provide your tent)


$300 | Single Booth | 10x10 | Handmade / Food / Small-scale Vintage


$300 | Single Booth | 20x10 | Large-scale Vintage


$450 | Double Booth| 20x10 Handmade, Food or Small-Scale Vintage


$325 | Food Truck | 35x15

The Market Map | 2018


Now it's time to customize your market experience. Where do you want to experiment? Where might you need help?

IMG_0449 (1).PNG

$25 to add power to your booth 

Zap some energy into your biz!

This is primarily for vendors who need power to support their business such as food vendors. If you require power and you're not a food vendor than you will have to be placed in your booth by us because there are only certain locations that offer that. I know we all love to keep our iPhones charged, but power booths are very limited. Let us know why you need it and we'll see what we can do.

IMG_0450 (1).PNG

$50 to upgrade your booth to a high traffic area

Supercharge your selling!

If you're already great at sales, this takes you to the next level. ALL of our booth spots are carefully planned out for your and your shoppers to have an optimal experience. Having said that, there are certain location at the flea that are closer to the front door (for instance) or right by the bar. Those spots allow you the opportunity to chill a bit more on the day of because they make your life easier as a vendor. What happens in high traffic zones is that it pushes a lot of people into your booth and it causes a bit of a panic in people because they see so many people around them and they're worried the thing they want in your booth may sell before they can snag it! It brings the possibility of greater ease in sales if you do it right. Having said that, you can DIY this experience in ANY booth spot. It just requires a little more creativity and elbow grease.

IMG_0451 (1).PNG

$50 to snag a corner spot which highlights  your products and display from two sides instead of just one!

Design your way to more dollars!

Corner spots are all about increasing your platform for creativity! It's a larger canvas for you to work with because you have two sides of your booth exposed. 


image_uploaded_from_ios_1024-1 copy.png

Here's how booth sales will work this year:

  • Accepted APRIL & FULL SEASON PASS vendors will receive their acceptance letters by February 15th. At that time, no new vendors will be accepted as FULL SEASON PASS vendors. Having said that, we have a rolling application process that allows us to continue to add new and interesting vendors throughout the season to fill all of our remaining spots. The application stays live on the website throughout the season and we check it once a month for updates. Any newly accepted vendors will purchase their booths on the days listed below - the same as everyone else. Please note that those who are not accepted into the 2018 season will also receive notice by February 15th.
  • Accepted Full Season Pass vendors When you purchase your booth, you will fill out a small form that will allow you to indicate your top booth choices. As always, there are no guarantees, but we will do what we can to honor your requests. A Full Season Pass for the 2018 season for everyone except food trucks (without upgrades) is $2,000 and includes all 7 markets. You will remain in the same spot all season. Purchasing all markets at once saves you $100, guarantees your same spot, and allows you to be done with booth sales for the season.
  • Accepted Partial Season Pass vendors (3 markets) and Month To Month vendors will have one day to buy the market(s) of their choice prior to the start of the season. That day is March 1st. Booth spots are first come, first serve. Partial Season Pass and Month To Month vendors will be assigned a spot. You do have the option to upgrade by indicated that you would like a high traffic zone or corner booth by purchasing one of the limited "booth upgrades". You are welcome to purchase as many markets at you like on March 1st. You are accepted to all of them if you received and acceptance e-mail and it's your choice which ones you choose to participate in. You can pick one or two if you are a month-to-month vendor or just get one for now. If you are a Partial Season Pass vendor then you need to pick at least 3 but you can purchase more if you like.
  • After March 1st, there will not be another opportunity to buy a market until 6 weeks prior to each event & just like on March 1st, booth sales will only be live for one day and will be first come first serve. This is why we encourage everyone to snag what they want on March 1st for the entire season to ensure you can participate in every market you want to be a part of. Here's the list of booth sale dates:

March 1st | for partial season pass holders & month-to-month vendors who want to snag their ideal months and know they are set

March 30th | for participation in May's market or any markets after May that you have not yet purchased

April 27th | for participation in June's market or any markets after June that you have not yet purchased

June 1st | for participation in July's market or any markets after July that you have not yet purchased

June 29th | for participation in August's market or any markets after August that you have not yet purchased

July 27th | for participation in September or October's market - the final market of the outdoor season

August 31st | for participation in October - the final market of the outdoor season