Best Friend of The Flea Season Pass Admission


Best Friend of The Flea Season Pass Admission

from 12.00

What you get

  • Entry for you + 1 friend to every outdoor Flea April-October 2017...that's ELEVEN events for the price of SIX!

    • Free entry for kids under 18

  • 2 Branded Flea wristbands for easy entry access(non-transferrable)

  • Advantages / Perks

    • Breeze right into The Flea (Fast-Pass style)

    • Flea Treasure Hunter map

    • Cost break of $1 per person ($14 value)
Optional donation to the vendor scholarship fund:
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  • How do I get my wristband?

    • When you come to The Cleveland Flea for the first time during 2017, stop by the wristband will-call booth at our entrance on E 36 St. and St. Clair Ave.. Show them your ID or receipt and BOOM! You are IN!

  • What are the wristbands made of?

    • We’ve selected a silicone material for our wristbands to minimize breaking and allergic reactions. If you are unable to wear your wristband, please keep it in a pocket on your person during any event, and be sure to have it ready to show at the door!

  • Can I buy a wristband at the door?

    • You can, but it’s definitely quicker to purchase a wristband online ahead of time. We’ll still be selling wristbands on-site during April, May, and June Flea.

  • What if I don't purchase a wristband... How much will admission cost at the door?

    • Adults over 18 will pay $1 at the door to attend a single event (non-wristband sales) at all ELEVEN events between April and October, 2017. With the purchase of a wristband, Best Friends of the Flea only end up paying $0.55 per event!

  • Can I use this wristband to get into a holiday Flea?

    • These wristbands will only admit you to our outdoor season, so although you won’t be able to use it to enter our holiday Flea, we’ll gladly admit you to all of our Saturday and Sunday events during 2017!

  • What happens if I lose my wristband?

  • Does my kid need a wristband?

    • Children under 18 are free!

  • What is the vendor scholarship fund, and why should I donate to it?

    • The vendor scholarship fund consists entirely of donations taken from patrons at ticketing, both online and in-person. At the end of 2017 those funds will be awarded to vendors who have shown great potential use for those funds to better their business and the city of Cleveland. Vendors will share their ideas for how they would like to use those funds, and awards will be decided based on the votes of donors to the vendor scholarship fund(that’s YOU!)