Tent Set-Up


Tent Set-Up


Tent Setup:

If you consider the most cumbersome and potentially frustrating parts of setting up for The Flea, TENTS may come to mind. Don't worry, this year we've got you covered! Let Team Flea set up your tent for you while you unload your stuff. We're happy to help!

Cost is: $50 per event

*two team flea staff members will be assigned to your booth in advance & will meet you at your spot promptly at 7am - please have your tent there & ready with weights (unless you are renting them from us which is another option)

*your team flea staff will set up your tent for you only - this is not for booth setup support or any additional help


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The Fine Print:

To add this onto your package you MUST have your tent weights at the flea (20lbs per leg, required). We will not set up any tent if adequate weights are not included in your setup. If you request tent setup, but do not include tent weights, we will not set up your tent and we will not refund you. Should you want to purchase tent weights for the 2018 season, this is available! Look for that upgrade, as well.